Low prices on high-speed resources
and configurations for any project
per month
per hour
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All prices are shown in USD at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of Russia. Hourly plans are rounded up to pennies. Full price.
All plans include:
High-speed SSD
SLA 99,98%
Support 24/7
Unlimited traffic
1 GbpsDedicated bandwidth
How does billing work?
Your balance will be charged hourly according to the following price plan:
200 ₽/month - 0,29761904761905 ₽/hour
400 ₽/month - 0,5952380952381 ₽/hour
800 ₽/month - 1,19047619047619 ₽/hour
1600 ₽/month - 2,38095238095238 ₽/hour
3200 ₽/month - 4,76190476190476 ₽/hour
Servers are charged every hour for 672 hours (UTC Time) per month. Servers are not charged for additional time over 672 hours (28 days) within the calendar month. If a server's configuration is changed, the timer restarts for that month.
How can I change my server's configuration and how much will it cost?
A server's configuration can be changed (but only increased) at any time. Changes come into effect after the server has been restarted.
I've stopped my server, but I'm still being charged. Why?
Once a server is created, we set aside its RAM, disk space, and processors. This ensures its resources are always available, but it means the resources are considered in use even when the server is offline. If a server is blocked or stopped and we are at fault, then you will not be charged for that time.
Do you issue returns?
If you would like a return of unused funds, please contact support via the ticket system.Returns process.
How can I add funds to my balance?
You may top up your balance using bank cards. Unfortunately, we do not accept virtual cards at this time.View payment details.

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